AllSaints Spitalfields

Established in London in the mid-to-late 1990s, AllSaints offers a Gothic look to mainstream 20-somethings and exceptionally well-dressed children (yes, children).  Intricately woven goods channel the Victorian era with color schemes strictly confined to greys, blacks, and other muted colors.  The neutral hues focus the viewer’s eyes on the quality of the cloth as well as its design.  In doing so, AllSaints successfully built a devoted customer base that excite (though you might not know it from their withheld facial expressions) over quiet triumphs rather than bold statement pieces.

Recently, the company began a Basement Sessions project, which features artists/musicians that fit the AllSaints mold.  Online shoppers don’t miss out on the great in-store music, because their site comes complete with a radio player (and free shipping!).

To suit the AllSaints enthusiast, we’ve compiled a playlist to accompany dress-up time at home or in shop via iPod 🙂

  1. Twin Shadow “Slow”
  2. Wild Beasts “Bed of Nails”
  3. When Saints Go Machine “You Or The Gang”
  4. Crystal Fighters “Xtatic Truth”
  5. Warpaint “Lissie’s Hear Murmur”
  6. The Veils “Calliope!”
  7. Telekinesis “Please Ask For Help”
  8. Austra “Lost It”
  9. The Duke Spirit “Lion Rip”
  10. Lykki Li “Youth Knows No Pain”
  11. The Antlers “Parentheses”
  12. St. Vincent “Year of the Tiger”
  13. James Blake “The Wilhelm Scream”

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