Keeping On Course

If you are a daring gypsy and brave the winter wind, what better sidekick could you want than a cup of Joe?  Uptown gypsies prefer to travel to Rue de la Course.  My favorite location sits on the corner of S. Carrollton and Oak Street in the revamped historical building.  The ancient architecture is embellished with mood lighting and big band tunes to form a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

You can pair your cafe au lait with delicious pastries like the almond croissant or almondine bar, or taste their corn green-chili bisque and a warm sandwich.  They carry Boar’s Head deli meats, which have no hormones or antibiotic nasties added to taint the flavor.  If you’re feeling like a light meal, Rue de la Course has salads as well.

Hang out in the downstairs seating area or join the gargoyles drinking coffee up in the loft.  Bring your computer for free wi-fi or dig through the Wall Street Journal and other local papers (Gambit Weekly, Offbeat) available in the back corner of the building.  There is no shortage of interesting people to observe– and if you’re daring, take up a conversation with.

As a cash-only operation, you’re assured that you’ve taken part in a local delight altogether delicious.

Rue de la Course
1140 S. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118