Buffalo Exchange











A good gypsy always looks for a bargain, and what better way to save money and the environment than gypsy-switching clothing and accessories!  Buffalo Exchange had the ground-breaking idea of hosting trades between locals in their stores, which can be found in a wide variety of different states.

With items often averaging about 15 bucks a pop, you can pick out a whole outfit for what might cost much more somewhere else.  A little revelation came to me while I was trying on a gently-used top in the Magazine St. store:  I’m sharing a bit of someone else’s life while wearing this shirt!  Just think!  By purchasing a tee, you will be taking a piece of someone’s history home with you.  Who knows if what you’re wearing could’ve belonged to some local rockstar or an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages.

Mother Nature’s best friends have an damn-the-man, eclectic, but tastefully trendy musical taste just like their fashion sense.  They don’t like over-glamorous music unless it’s done right.  I’ve made a mix that’ll get your indie bones shaking and ready to thrift.

1. Broken Bells- The Ghost Inside
2. Blue Hawaii-  Blue Gowns
3. Starfucker-  Medicine
4. Future Islands- Balance
5. Active Child, How To Dress Well- Playing House
6. Beach House- Zebra
7. Sea of Bees- Wizbot
8. Chairlift- Take It Out On Me
9. Midlake- Young Bride

Buffalo Exchange
3312 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

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