Style Lab

Magazine Street is yet again found as a generous harbor for fashionistas to dock.  Style Lab takes residence there, with high-end casual clothes for quality-conscious men.  With brand names like G-Star, Diesel, Ben Sherman, and Penguin, you can find Neiman Marcus-level clothes without having to brave the mall.

In true serendipitous fashion, I visited the boutique on the day that Mark Warner purchased it.  I had the honor of chatting with him about his new “baby” and can assure you that fresh shipments will be available just in time for the holiday.  Ben Sherman brand blazers and jackets bring the European cut to the Crescent city and I guarantee that you’ll look impress the ladies when you don these duds.

In addition to great imported brands, local designers such as Defend NOLA are available at Style Lab.  Renew Jewelry, made by a local designer , molds militaristic and religious themes with redesigned vintage pieces.  Last, Baxter products are featured to put the final touch on your new look.

Style Lab
3326 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70118

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