Shoe Be Do

The third place I ran across while scouring the Quarter was a boutique on Chartres called Shoe Be Do.  They had a great selection that ranged from pumps to boots and from stilettos to flats.  The great part about the shop is that it brings high-end up-and-coming International designers to our own Crescent City for a reasonable price.

In addition to quality shoes, you’ll find intricately-designed jackets from Belle Fare, lined with glamorous feathers or faux fur.  Each coat has a flare of the 1930s and you’re guaranteed to be stopped for compliments.  Shoe Be Do also sells a number of items, such as handbags and jewelry.

Shoe Be Do
324 Chartres St.
New Orleans, LA  70130
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(No website yet for Shoe Be Do but keep looking!)

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